Hanzo rides a Gyarados in this fan-made Overwatch short

It's an alternate reality take on Hanzo's "Dragons" short.

Screengrab via Dillon Goo/YouTube

Overwatch’s animated shorts are important in moving the game’s lore forward. Each is an impressive display of the work Blizzard has put into Overwatch, showcasing the depth of each hero’s backstory—the stuff players don’t see when they’re playing the game.

But Overwatch is also known for its creative fans, who oftentimes make space for their own interpretations of the game’s heroes. YouTuber Dillon Goo is one of those players whose creative spin on Overwatch is not only entertaining, but hilarious, too. For his latest unofficial Overwatch animated short, Dillon Goo smashed together Overwatch and Pokémon.

Called Hanzo’s Hidden Power, the Overwatch fight animation showcases, well, Hanzo’s hidden power. The video starts off fairly relevant to Overwatch’s official story, with Hanzo fighting off a swarm of well-dressed robot omnics. But when Hanzo uses his ultimate ability, the animated short goes off the rails—in a good way.

Dragons emerge from Hanzo’s bow, but it’s not the dragons players are used to. Instead, Dillon Goo has swapped in Pokémon’s Gyarados. With Gyarados, Hanzo is able to take out all of his enemies with one massive strike. But before the short ends, Hanzo’s met by his brother, also now a Pokémon trainer—he wields a massive Rayquaza that dwarfs Hanzo’s Gyarados.

H/T Nerdist