Hangzhou Spark parts ways with head coach Andante, assistant coach Mentalist

This is the second major coaching shift for the Spark this season.

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Weeks before the final tournament cycle of the 2021 Overwatch League season, the Hangzhou Spark has decided more changes are necessary regarding its coaching staff. The team announced today that interim head coach Hwang “Andante” Jae-hong and assistant coach Kim “Mentalist” Chung-in would be leaving the Spark. 

In April, Hangzhou parted ways with former head coach Hwang “Pajion” Ji-sub and assistant coach Kim “nOrU” Jae-dong after only two losses. Following a 2-2 record during the Summer Showdown tournament cycle, it appears Andante and Mentalist are facing the same fate. 

“We failed to build the optimal coaching roster we could during the offseason and it is the primary reason behind the difficulties we faced this season,” supervisor Huang “Xiaogui” Tsungyu said in an update on the Hangzhou Spark’s YouTube channel. 

Xiaogui stated Hangzhou’s impressive run in the June Joust tournament cycle was due to Andante’s leadership but added that the team “realized that there are irreconcilable differences between Andante’s and the rest of Spark’s ideals.” Mentalist, on the other hand, is leaving the team due to “personal work choices.”  

Andante was “no longer in charge” of the Spark’s training as of June 30, according to the YouTube update. Andante is currently looking for a new team. 

This change leaves the Hangzhou Spark with assistant coach Chen “U4” Congshan as its only remaining coaching staff. 

Considering the Spark’s next game is on July 31 against the Seoul Dynasty, the team has a few weeks to figure out new coaching solutions. 

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