Hangzhou Spark parts ways with 5 players

The Overwatch League team said goodbye to Adora, Ria, BeBe, Ado, and Sasin today.

Photo by Ben Pursell via Blizzard Entertainment

The Hangzhou Spark said goodbye to five of its Overwatch League players today, including two DPS players, two tanks, and one support.

Off-tanks Park “Ria” Seong-Wook and Song “SASIN” Sang-hyun, support Yoon “BeBe” Hui-chang, and DPS players Kang “Adora” Jae-hwan and Chon “Ado” Gi-hyeon won’t don the Spark’s pink uniform next season.

Despite the far-reaching changes, the Spark still maintained core elements of its lineup, such as main tank Xu “Guxue” Qiulin, DPS Park “Architect” Min-ho and Kim “GodsB” Kyeong-bo, and main support Park “IDK” Ho-jin.

Most of the pros saw playtime in the season, with BeBe as a constant presence in the support lineup. All five are Overwatch League veterans; four of them signed with the Spark for its debut in the 2019, and Ado has been in the league since its inaugural season.

Flex support BeBe saw the most playtime by a large margin over his teammates, with nearly 20 hours on the field, mainly with Zenyatta, Ana, Moira, and Baptiste. He joined the Spark in 2018 after a successful Contenders campaign for X6-Gaming but didn’t see much play on his first season.

Off-tank Ria was one of the Spark’s first announcements ahead of its 2019 season. Like Bebe, he also played for X6-Gaming before moving on to the Overwatch League.

SASIN made his way to the Spark after the team’s first week in the league — another pickup from the Korean Contenders Series. He saw little playtime in 2019 but gained more room this season with Sigma or Zarya.

DPS Adora also saw considerable action in the 2020 season, predominantly playing Reaper and Mei in a meta that favored tankbusters. He signed with the Spark ahead of the team’s league debut.

Ado is an Overwatch League veteran; he played for the Shanghai Dragons during its infamous 2018 campaign and defended the Washington Justice the following year. He moved to the Spark in 2020, where he became a rare sight, playing only 27 minutes on stage, mostly with Mei.

The Spark’s 2020 Playoffs run ended after the team was eliminated 3-0 by the Seoul Dynasty in its first playoffs match and fell around the middle of the pack in the Asia bracket.