Hangzhou Spark drops MCD due to xenophobic ‘in-game behavior’

"His action was not consistent with the expectation of the Hangzhou Spark players and staff."

Photo via Overwatch League

Hangzhou Spark flex support Lee “MCD” Jeong-ho has been dropped effective immediately following reports of xenophobic comments he made toward a Chinese player during a ranked Overwatch game, the organization announced today.

In a clip posted to Weibo, a regional blogging site used by many of the Overwatch League’s Chinese players, MCD can be heard speaking with his teammates in a ranked game. One teammate was Zhou “XRAY” Xiyan, a Chinese main tank for the Chengdu Hunters’ academy team, Team Chaser. 

After a failed fight in which he urged the team to move in, MCD told XRAY in English, “Chinese, fuck you.”

MCD is one of many South Korean players on the Hangzhou Spark, which is owned by Chinese streaming video platform Bilibili. Multiple Chinese players are also a part of the Spark’s roster, making this a complicated situation.   

Hangzhou’s management acted quickly and, within hours, had informed fans of MCD’s termination. “His action was not consistent with the expectation of the Hangzhou Spark players and staff,” the Spark said in its announcement

In a few weeks, Hangzhou will be competing against the Philadelphia Fusion in a play-in bracket for a spot in the Overwatch League playoffs. MCD will likely be replaced in the starting lineup by Tong “ColdEst” Xiaodong, the Spark’s substitute flex support.


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