Overwatch fan creates amazing Hammond/Doomfist concept art

This artist's Hammond concept art would go perfectly with Overwatch's new lunar map.

Image via Burak Cinar, used with permission

Overwatch is heading to the moon.

In late May, Blizzard released the Horizon Lunar Colony map to Overwatch, teasing a potential new character entering the game’s world—Hammond. Hammond and Overwatch hero Winston are the only two gorillas still unaccounted for after the gorilla uprising on the base.

Since the tease, Blizzard’s been quiet about Hammond and his whereabouts, so one Overwatch fan and artist took the task in his own hands. Artist Burak Cinar created a second primate hero, creating a story that ties Hammond to the missing Doomfist.

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Image via [Burak Cinar](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YZQyw), used with permission

In Cinar’s story, Hammond led the primate insurrection, rebelling in an effort to gain equal rights for primates. When Winston escaped to Earth, Hammond decided to go after him. So how’d Hammond get to Earth? “He took a colony spaceship and crashed into one of the Numbani buildings,” Cinar wrote. Upset that Numbani was no longer the home he was born into, Hammond attacked the city and stole the Doomfist.

Cinar gave Hammond a bunch of new abilities, like Pickpocket, where he steals ammunition from enemies to reduce their rate of fire. Cinar’s Hammond can also punch with an uncharged Doomfist, while his ultimate allows him to swing a fully-charged punch.

Image via [Burak Cinar](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YZQyw), used with permission

Blizzard’s been quiet on whether Hammond will eventually be introduced as a playable character, but we wouldn’t be mad to see a variation of Cinar’s rendition.