Guangzhou Charge parts ways with entire Korean coaching staff

The team could look drastically different next season.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

After failing to reach the Overwatch League’s semifinals in 2020, the Guangzhou Charge is looking to make sweeping changes to its current staff.

Head coach J1N and both assistant coaches, Tydolla and Sungwoo, are parting ways with the team, the Overwatch League team announced last night. To thank the coaches for their tenure with the team, Guangzhou released a cute video on its YouTube channel.

The announcement said the three coaches’ contracts expired. The org clarified in a second tweet that the team has no desire to renew these contracts and will be, in fact, parting ways with its Korean coaching staff.

These three coaches had been with the organization for well over two seasons now, working as a bridge between the Korean, Chinese, and English-speaking players on the team. Now without its Korean coaching staff, Guangzhou could be looking to focus more on its regional talent.

Guangzhou’s star North American player Nero tweeted in response to this news “so it begins,” perhaps hinting that the team has a few more changes to come. Nero’s contract expires this offseason, so he’ll undoubtedly be a hotly contested free agent if it’s true that the Charge is trying to rebuild as a fully Chinese roster.

The Overwatch League Grand Finals bracket begins Oct. 8 with the Seoul Dynasty and San Francisco Shock squaring off.

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