Guangzhou Charge moves training base to South Korea due to coronavirus

The team's wellbeing is a top priority at this time.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment
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The Guangzhou Charge confirmed earlier today that the Overwatch League team will be leaving its preseason training base in the interest of its players’ health and safety due to the rising concerns of the coronavirus. Instead, they’ll be playing out the rest of their training in South Korea.

“We believe that this is the best course for our team, after looking at factors such as uncertainties around the epidemic, uncertainties around how our schedule will be impacted, geographic considerations, and how best to protect our players given how quickly things change on a day-to-day basis,” the Charge said.

All of Guangzhou’s non-Chinese players have already been moved to Korea, but the team still has to expedite visas for the rest of the team. As soon as that process is finished, the whole roster will reconvene in Korea.

The team also addressed the concerns around its schedule with the Overwatch League. Due to the unpredictable nature of the virus, one solution simply isn’t good enough to handle a worldwide problem of this nature. This problem also affects every other team based in China, including the Hangzhou Spark, Chengdu Hunters, and Shanghai Dragons.

The Overwatch League will ultimately have to make a decision on the future of the Chinese homestands this season. The upcoming season of the Overwatch League begins on Feb. 8.