Guangzhou Charge adds former OWL players Neko and Daemin to the team as coaches

If worst comes to worst, the Charge now has some kickass substitutes on the bench who can compete with the best.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League teams are undergoing dramatic roster upheavals during this offseason—and the Guangzhou Charge is one of the teams leading the frenzy.

The Charge signed former Overwatch League players Park “Neko” Se-hyeon and Kim “Daemin” Dae-min last night, this time as assistant coaches.

Neko and Daemin will bring a wealth of experience to the team. They both started their careers during the OGN APEX era of Overwatch esports and went on to Contenders and eventually the Overwatch League.

Daemin has had an interesting journey to make it to where he is today. He played Contenders in three different regions after being drafted to the infamous Shanghai Dragons team that went 0-40 in the inaugural Overwatch League season. Most recently, he was coaching for Korean Contenders squad Element Mystic.

Neko is also an interesting character in Overwatch history. The player came into the league without all that much experience but had a fantastic debut season with the Boston Uprising that put him toward the top of the best flex supports in the game.

But following some drama with the team that ultimately ended with him calling the team’s GM a “bastard,” Neko was sold to the Toronto Defiant. After a poor season with the Defiant, he went back to Korean Contenders where he helped carry his team to a surprising title win, beating out favorites RunAway.

Together, these two players have been everywhere in the scene. Through all the drama, trades, highs, and lows, Neko and Daemin will likely bring strong game knowledge and experience in managing relationships to this team.

The Guangzhou Charge now has four coaches under contract for the upcoming 2021 season.