Ask and you shall receive: Blizzard gave Mercy two guns


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Have you heard? Blizzard no longer only makes games like Overwatch. It also makes memes.

Some Overwatch fan showed up to the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles with a sign asking the developer to give Mercy the unthinkable—two guns.

Most Overwatch players fear the battle Mercy, a reminder of the period when Valkyrie first arrived. It was a dark time where Mercy players could fly way too fast, shooting a gun with far too much damage-dealing potential.

It was revenge for anyone who uttered the phrase Mercy one-trick.

In the clip, Mercy wields two pistols a la Reaper. You thought the Mercy meta was over? Think again.

We’re not sure who at Blizzard is facilitating these crimes against nature. In February, someone over there let floating monk Zenyatta drop his legs to the ground and “walk,” if you could call it that. It was a disturbing sight. Mercy with two guns is not as disorienting as a walking Zenyatta—but terrifying nonetheless.

With a dual-wielding Mercy running around, one thing’s for sure—heroes will die.