Florida Mayhem parts ways with DPS MirroR 

The team has decided to “tweak the roster” before the season begins.

Image via Florida Mayhem

Just weeks before the fifth Overwatch League season is set to begin, the Florida Mayhem is making adjustments to its roster based on scrimmage results. 

The team announced today that it’s parting ways with DPS Chris “MirroR” Trinh, who was acquired last November as the Mayhem rebuilt its roster.  

MirroR formerly played for the Los Angeles Gladiators for two years and was the first player to play all three Overwatch roles in a single series, a testament to his flexibility in multiple team positions. 

The decision to drop MirroR from the roster was based on realizations the team made while practicing over the past few months, especially on the Overwatch 2 client, according to a tweet from general manager Albert Yeh. 

Yeh posted that the team “needed to tweak the roster in a slightly different direction” after getting familiar with Overwatch 2. “Initially we wanted MirroR to be a potential all-role player, but as we scrimmed, we realized we wouldn’t be able to utilize him,” he said. 

Florida has built an international and incredibly flexible roster over the past few months, which could explain the team’s decision to drop MirroR. 

Baek “Checkmate” Seung-hun, who played both DPS and tank for the Mayhem in 2021, remains on the team alongside rookie DPS Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez. With three supports and rookie Ham “SOMEONE” Jeong-wan on the tank role, all of the team’s needs may have already been covered. 

The fifth season of the Overwatch League will be played on an early build of the sequel, which completely removes a tank slot to make the game a five-vs-five throwdown. Multiple heroes will have reworks and metas will likely quickly shift as the season progresses. 

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