Florida Mayhem hires streamer Avast as associate producer

Expect more Chuck E. Cheese references than ever before.

Photo via Misfits Gaming Group

In the search for more content to spice up the Overwatch League, the Florida Mayhem has hired popular streamer and former player Connor “Avast” Prince as its new associate producer. 

Avast was a high-ranking Team Fortress 2 player who moved into Overwatch during the game’s infancy as an esport. He was a part of the Boston Uprising during the league’s inaugural season but saw little playing time. After he was dropped from the Uprising, he found his place creating content for the Overwatch community. 

Boasting nearly 34,000 Twitch followers, Avast regularly hosts companion streams for Overwatch League games and invites various personalities to react to the games alongside him. He’s also a regular guest on the Plat Chat Podcast, hosted by caster Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson and analyst Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson.   

Over the past 24 hours, the Mayhem’s social media team led Twitter followers on an ARG-style clue chase, embedding hints in a picture that linked to various images and codes. Included in the image was a Lúcio silhouette and various references to a main support, narrowing down the field of candidates. While the clues were vague, many fans accurately guessed that the “13A” reference was to Avast’s jersey number during his time in the league.    

As an associate producer, Avast will likely have a heavy hand in producing content for the Florida Mayhem. They’re ranked 10th in the league’s overall season standings with a 5-9 record. They’ll be fighting it out for a postseason spot over the next two weeks of the Countdown Cup.