Fearless’ settings in Overwatch

Play fearlessly.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Dallas Fuel’s Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok is a formidable main tank with flexibility that ranges multiple heroes. 

Very few players have the experience Fearless does in professional Overwatch

Even though he’s only 22 years old, his experience in OWL dates all the way back to the league’s inaugural season when he played for the Shanghai Dragons in 2018. In his time playing in the Overwatch League, he’s been known to use Winston, Reinhardt, Orisa, Wrecking Ball, and even Roadhog.

Since each character he plays has its own unique playstyle, Fearless keeps his in-game sensitivity for characters slightly different from one another to accommodate for whatever role he might be filling by playing that hero.

Using a Logitech G Pro, Fearless has the flexibility of being able to bind hero abilities to a total of four side mouse buttons on his mouse.

Mouse DPI
Polling Rate
In-Game Sens
Wrecking Ball Sens
Orisa Sens
Reinhardt Sens
Winston Sens