ESL Crowns Their King of the Hill

ESL is introducing a new weekly tournament for Overwatch!

ESL has recently taken a bigpart in the Overwatch competitive scene. They are most known in thescene for their Atlantic Showdown, which recently ended its onlinequalifiers. Their offline tournament will take place at Gamescomfrom Aug. 20-21. On Aug. 9, ESL brought in a new weekly tournament:ESL King of the Hill.

If you’re interested inwatching King of the Hill, it is played every Tuesday at 5 p.m.PDT/ 8 p.m. EST/ 2 a.m. CEST on The literal king ofthe hill every Tuesday gets $1,000, as well as an invite back tonext week’s competition.

The first ever King of the Hill,which was supposed to be played on Aug. 2, was played on Aug. 9.The four teams invited to the Aug. 2 date were re-invited, andthose teams were: compLexity, Sodipop, Team Liquid andSelfless.

All tournaments happening fromnow on will only have one invited team, going up against the kingof the hill. The invited team will be a Go4 team, and will face offagainst the king of the hill team to see if they will keep thespot.


Recap of the last King of theHill:

Round 1

compLexity vs.Selfless


  • Selfless defeatedcompLexity on Route 66 by having one morecheckpoint
  • compLexity defeated Selfless onHollywood by having three more checkpoints


  • compLexity defeated Selfless on Numbani with a 6:06attack time vs. a 10:00 attack time
  • compLexity defeated Selfless on Ilios by capturing 3attack points, while Selfless had 1


By winning this series,compLexity moved onto the finals to fight the winning team of TeamLiquid vs. Sodipop.

Team Liquid vs.Sodipop


  • Sodipop defeated TeamLiquid on Route 66 with a 3:16 attack time, while Team Liquid had6:00
  • Sodipop defeated Team Liquid onHollywood by having two more checkpoints
  • Team Liquid defeated Sodipop onIlios by capturing 3 attack points, while Sodipop had 0
  • Team Liquid defeated Sodipop onNumbani by having one more checkpoint
  • Team Liquid defeated Sodipop onTemple of Anubis by having one more checkpoint



By winning this series, TeamLiquid moved onto the finals to fight compLexity for the king ofthe hill title.

compLexity vs.Team Liquid

  • Matches are recorded wrong, but compLexity beatTeam Liquid 3-1 in the series.

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