EnVy HarryHook: “Attitude is the most important thing”

We sat down with Jonathan "HarryHook" Tejedor Rua, one of the most famous Overwatch players currently playing for Team EnVyUs. Find out more!

We sat down with Jonathan “HarryHook” Tejedor Rua, a Team EnVyUs Overwatch player that has filled both the support and the DPS role so far. Find out more here.

So we had a small introduction, but could you tell me a bit more about yourself?

HarryHook: Well, like you said, I am an Overwatch player for Team EnVyUs currently playing as the DPS. Yeah, I don’t have much to say about me, I just love video games.

You are part of Team EnVyUs, one of the biggest organizations in the world, how did that opportunity come around?

HarryHook: It was back when we were playing for IDDQD, the team. It was pretty much a new team with me, chipshajen and cocco and INTERNETHULK. I think Taimou was also part, but I am not pretty sure. We got a really huge winning streak and then we started to get a lot of offers and one of them was Team EnVyUs. People said a lot of good stuff about them and Mike, our boss. It was a really nice organization so we tried and we are super happy now.

What is your favorite hero and why?

HarryHook: Soldier:76 for sure. It’s like a full pack; you can run a lot, survive, heal yourself and do lots of damage. It’s like Genji but with heal, high mobility and all.

You are in charge of making some changes in Overwatch. What would you change?

HarryHook: Well, about tournaments, I would like to have a map system, like banning and picking. For example, ban Lijiang and pick Hanamura. It would be super cool because you can get unlucky, for example in MLG Las Vegas there aren’t standard pick ups; you have random maps and you have to play them, and you can play three maps that you are the worst on and pretty much lose. Another thing I would like to change is maybe balance. I think it’s super complicated to balance heroes, it’s always the same meta pretty much and it’s really complicated to make it different. I don’t know how this is possible. For example, Soldier for me is a bit, I wouldn’t say broken, but strong. Like for example stronger than McCree, so that makes McCree pretty much useless, right? Like in this meta you have three tanks, two supports and DPS, and it’s always the same. I don’t know, probably some balance with the heroes.

Do you think the upcoming Symmetra change will shake up the meta?

HarryHook: No, not really. You can run Symmetra, but also you can counter Symmetra with Sombra. So maybe what Blizzard tries to do is to make you play Symmetra so you can also play more Sombra. You could see two different heroes being played that are out of the meta. But I don’t think Symmetra is that strong anyway.

By the way, did you play any other games before competitively?

HarryHook: Yeah, I’ve played Team Fortress 2 and Heroes of the Storm. I played TF2 for a long time, I think it was more than two years but the game is not huge, not in competitive at least. But it was fun, I enjoyed it. Also, I was playing Heroes of the Storm for three months for team x6ctence. It was fun, but once again I didn’t have any luck and I wanted something else, so I tried Overwatch.

After a few months of not being able to win a tournament, you finally broke the curse and won the OGN Overwatch Tournament, how did that feel and where do you think that you owe this comeback?

HarryHook: It was an incredible feeling winning OGN, but the weird thing was winning because we had a back-up support, Mickie, because I think everyone knows what happened already. It was incredible because we expected to lose against Rogue but then we got kind lucky I guess, because the meta was new again and everyone had to learn it over. We didn’t have any practice at all, we practiced for two days with Mickie and we saw that Mickie was an amazing D.Va. We tried that in the scrims, playing D.Va 24/7 and it worked out fine. Then we started winning, we won against Rogue when no one expected that. Then we won against KongDoo, a super close game again, and then we met Afreeca in the finals and it was weird because we didn’t expect to win 4-0. To be honest we expected to win, because I think we are a better team, but not 4-0. It was crazy, a really amazing feeling.

What are your goals for Overwatch this year and maybe the first months of the upcoming year?

HarryHook: Our goal is to win MLG, it’s the last tournament for this year. Then we have some really nice vacation, for Christmas. Next year, I don’t know what we have right now so I can’t really say because I have no idea. I don’t have any info about any tournaments. So practice, try to become stronger and then win whatever we can.

Do you plan to stream more?

HarryHook: Well these days I am streaming because my team is doing some basic stuff and yeah every time I can I will try to stream, for sure.

Do you have any advice or thoughts you’d like to share with your fans or other aspiring competitive players that want to be like you?

HarryHook: For me, being a pro gamer is a dream, and it is for everyone that actually makes it. I would say that if you try to do the same, then the most important thing is the attitude. You need to have a really nice attitude, it’s the best thing ever. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you have a shitty attitude then you’re gonna lose anyways, you’re gonna rage and it’s super bad in every way. So that’s what I would say, have a really nice attitude and practice a lot for sure.

You’re making a sandwich, choose your favourite ingredients!

HarryHook: I will say “jamon”, I don’t know how you say it in English, ham? It’s very typical in Spain. With tomato. Nothing else, those two.

You can spend a day with any person on the planet, who’s your pick?

HarryHook: Fernando Alonso, Formula 1, he’s the best! I was watching it with my father and my brother, and pretty much my entire family. It was super fun.

You are a castaway on a remote, isolated island! You have to choose one Overwatch personality to help you survive, who would it be?

HarryHook: I will say Mickie or chips. I think they have the best attitude, they are really fun. It’s not the same with all the people, it’s different, so I will say one of those.

Ok I think we can wrap it up. Any final shoutouts?

HarryHook: Thanks to all the people that support EnVyUs and me. I will say thank you to Mike, our boss, for bringing us this opportunity, it is like the best experience so far. Also thank you to you for this interview, and that’s all I don’t know what to say.

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