Doomfist might not be Overwatch’s next hero

Overwatch's next hero is not who we think it is, apparently.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan is toying with our hearts. Fans of the game have latched on to potential Overwatch hero Doomfist as the next hero to enter the game, but, apparently, we’ve been misguided.

“[Hero] 24 is not who you think it is,” Kaplan wrote on the Overwatch forum.

The Overwatch community had all but confirmed Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews as Doomfist, but as it turns out, clues likely haven’t been clues at all. “We have new heroes coming,” Kaplan said in an earlier forum post. “The reason we don’t talk about new hero development more is we took the community feedback regarding the Sombra ARG to heart.”

Doomfist may not be the next hero after all, but there’s still potential that he’s involved.

So, uh, who’s the new hero? Hype, once again, is through the roof. Fans have already begun speculating on other new heroes for Overwatch. Top contenders seem to be Athena, gorilla scientist Winston’s AI system, and Liao, likely an original member of the Overwatch team.

Early images released by Blizzard are fueling these speculations.

Image via Blizzard

In between Tracer and Mercy in the above image stands an Omnic with an Athena logo emblazoned on its head. A few other folks lurk behind her in the background. They’re too small to really see, but it looks like original Overwatch team members, of which Liao is supposed to be one. Another image released by Blizzard gives us another look at two potential Overwatch heroes.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Both figures to the far left and far right of the image have yet to be identified. Some believe Liao is crouching on the the left, but others have their doubts.

Blizzard has not announced any sort of release schedule for its next hero—or heroes. Indeed, another theory has Blizzard releasing two heroes at once. The first would be someone we’re not expecting and the second would be Doomfist, making him the 25th hero. But again, this is all speculation. We’ll keep you updated as Blizzard releases more information.