Doomfist’s Rocket Punch gets a buff on Overwatch PTR—if you can pull off the move

Blizzard may have adjusted the ability in a stealth buff.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch villain Doomfist will make his way into the live game next week, and Blizzard is continuing to adjust him before his debut.

Two days after his initial release on Overwatch’s public test region, one of his best abilities got a nerf. Rocket Punch’s distance was significantly decreased—from 30 meters to 20 meters. Rocket Punch does damage, but it’s useful as a mobility tool, too. In a stealth patch released last night, Blizzard appears to have added a way to increase the ability’s distance.

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Players can now cancel the Rocket Punch animation by jumping at the end of the ability animation, according to a Reddit post by wifitoaster. If it’s timed just right after the animation ends, Doomfist keeps his momentum, allowing him to gain an extra 10 or so meters from the jump. If it’s too early, his Rocket Punch will end early. And if you’re too late, he’ll just perform a regular, vertical jump.

No patch notes are available for the latest update, though footage of the ability cancellation maneuver has been captured on the Overwatch PTR.

The animation cancel works with Doomfist’s Rocket Punch even when used in the air—and that momentum allows Doomfist to travel even further. Cooldown for the ability is still a mere four seconds, which makes Rocket Punch a core part of Doomfist’s kit, much like Genji’s Swift Strike. Doomfist’s skillful mobility is—paired with his strategical melee abilities—is a welcome change to Overwatch. He’s a high skill hero who will continue to evolve as players unlock his potential through precise combinations and attacks.

Doomfist will be released in Overwatch on July 27.

H/T Reddit