One of Doomfist’s best abilities might have already received a nerf

That didn't take long.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been just two days since the announcement and reveal of Doomfist in Overwatch, but it looks as though one of his best abilities has already received a nerf, according to a post on Reddit.

Redditor “TanzNukeTerror” posted visual evidence of what looks like a nerf to the range of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch ability. Triggering this attack launches Doomfist forward a long distance to punch an enemy, but it seems like he’s coming up a bit shorter than he was on his launch day.

In the gif, it looks like Doomfist is launching himself about nine meters shorter than he originally was. There was an update pushed to the PTR some time on Friday night, but no patch notes are available yet.

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Doomfist seems like a strong character so far, and Rocket Punch is one of his strongest abilities. He can use it to quickly travel distances, as well as a primary attack ability, especially because the cooldown is a mere four seconds.

There is a long list of bugs associated with Doomfist on the PTR, but Blizzard is aware of them and monitoring the situation. Not listed with the known bugs is anything having to do with the distance of his Rocket Punch, so it appears as though this potential nerf was deliberate.

It will most likely be a few weeks until Doomfist hits the live servers, but this quick change to one of his abilities inspires hope that he will be game-ready in no time.