Doomfist mention in the Overwatch PTR jump starts the hype train again

Doomfist? Is that you?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Okay, try not to get too excited. The Doomfist hype train may have not crashed, after all. Overwatch fans have spotted new mentions of the game’s most sought-after hero in some public test region patch files.

Users on both Reddit and the Overwatch forum have discovered that the PTR patch is named “ Doomfist / Summer Games” in crash notes and in the game’s .exe text file. Multiple users have posted screenshots of their Overwatch files as proof. Should these files be taken at face value, that means we’ll get both Summer Games and Doomfist in the coming months—likely in the same patch.

Does this confirm Doomfist, then? Well, no. There’s a chance that Blizzard could have slipped this in accidentally and it’s real, or the developer could be trolling us. We won’t know for sure until Doomfist—or the Summer Games—is released.

Overwatch dataminer DeadGirlDreaming also recently uncovered a new theme song in the game’s files, which adds some intrigue to the possibility of a new hero or event. The theme song doesn’t sound the least bit summery, but it’s definitely epic enough in scale for Doomfist’s arrival. Another dataminer claims to have uncovered a list of Summer Games items, too. Each hero is getting at least one new item, with some getting more, if the list is to be believed.

The last we officially heard about Doomfist was when his gauntlet was stolen from the Numbani payload, just before the Numbani International Airport was attacked. The attack sparked the introduction of Overwatch tank Orisa, and since then, Blizzard has been quiet on Doomfist’s whereabouts. The gauntlet remains missing, with the airport still in ruins, however.

Recently, Winston’s fellow test subject Hammond has overshadowed the Doomfist hype. Fans expected Hammond to be introduced as a new hero when the Horizon Lunar Colony map went live, but Blizzard has been quiet on his status, too. Some, however, think that Hammond and Doomfist could be one-and-the-same. Artist Burak Cinar even created a hero concept that expands on the idea.

Only one thing is certain as of now: The hype train is no longer out of service.