Diablo 3 reference found in Overwatch map Blizzard World years after release

What secrets lie ahead?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has a reputation of featuring unique Easter eggs from its other IPs in Overwatch, allowing players to connect more to the games by finding elements from their pasts.

An Overwatch fan recently found a rare Diablo 3 Easter egg in the final area of Blizzard World.

Breaking barrels that can be found in the final area of the map seems to have a chance of containing a legendary drop. It’s an interaction which players may be familiar from Diablo 3

While the drop doesn’t give players an in-game advantage or a cosmetic as a souvenir, it’s still a nice touch to add.

Since Blizzard World was teased in 2017, fans have been on a hunt to gather all the Easter eggs distributed throughout the map. Though it may look like the community is done with the hunt following the addition of this rare gem, Jeff Kaplan mentioned in an interview with Game Informer in 2019 that there was still something else related to a quest he designed in World of Warcraft to find within Overwatch.

Some fans think that the quest mentioned could be “The Green Hills of Stranglethorne,” which required players to collect copies of an item that had a low drop rate. This item was only found in a populated area which made it extra difficult to complete.

Blizzard World was added to Overwatch in 2018 and is a tribute to all of Blizzard’s franchises.