D.Va player stuns enemies by dropping out of the sky in Overwatch

These enemies had no idea what was coming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Despite D.Va’s status as a mobile tank in Overwatch, her ultimate ability has the potential to completely change fights by wiping an entire enemy team off the map. Even when summoning her mech, D.Va can deal massive damage to enemies—much to their surprise.

This D.Va player opted to take advantage of the damage that “Call Mech” can do to a group of unsuspecting enemies but in a very peculiar way. Instead of fighting their enemies upfront and then summoning the mech, this player took a more Spider-Man-like approach, swinging from the top of the Hollywood buildings to surprise their enemies.

While their unsuspecting enemies stood together on the payload, this D.Va player hopped off the building right before the payload could reach its second point. Their enemies had little time to react as a D.Va that fell from the skies summoned her mech right on top of them, killing three and charging the other portion of their ult to full. This let the D.Va destroy the mech they had just summoned, killing the Roadhog that had survived the initial blast.

The lack of reaction from the enemy team more than explained the little time they had to prepare for the enemy D.Va swooping down from above. The D.Va player noted that both teams had a laugh after this play, as neither expected a mech-less D.Va to drop from the sky in the way she did. 

D.Va received massive buffs to the “Call Mech” part of her ultimate after last year’s April Fools Experimental Card, making the ability much more deadly than it’s ever been. While it may not be easy to successfully maneuver a mech on top of your enemies, it certainly is rewarding.