Bonjour Team disbands

According to the player Robin "Hayko" Stahmer, Bonjour Team has officially disbanded.

Image via Blizzard

Bonjour Team has officially disbanded, according to Robin “Hayko” Stahmer.

Bonjour Team is a french Overwatch team that, at one time, was in the top-30 ranked teams in Europe and comfortably in the top-100 worldwide.

The team consisted of Hugo “Worss” Tisserant, Jeremy “Hqrdest” Danton, Robin “Hayoko” Stahner, Simon “Chubz” Vullo, Julien “Baud” Robert and Richard “PipPou” Buscemi.

The disbandment of this team is another profile case of Overwatch teams falling under the radar due to a lack of tournaments, especially in the EU scene.

The news follows rumors of Overwatch team slots in the Overwatch League being sold for over $2 million, and up to $15 million in certain cities, pricing out teams that helped to start the creation of Overwatch as an esport altogether.

Blizzard is yet to comment or give information on the league, which is leading to others pulling out of Overwatch in fear that their investment would be better off elsewhere.

The entirety of Bonjour Team is now looking a new home.

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