Blizzard’s $150 Overwatch Widowmaker statue looks fierce

You've got Tracer and Reaper: Now get Widowmaker.

Widowmaker—Overwatch’s purple-skinned sniper—is joining Tracer and Reaper as one of Blizzard’s statue offerings.

Standing 13.5 inches tall on an Overwatch logo base, Blizzard’s Widowmaker statue is hand-sculpted and incredibly detailed. All details, including her tattoos and bodysuit, are hand-painted; Blizzard’s taken precise care to get everything just right.

Th statue puts Widowmaker in her original skin, holding her sniper rifle, of course. It’ll cost $150—and preorders are open now, though customers are limited to two statues each. Delivery for Blizzard’s Widowmaker statues is scheduled “before the end of Q3,” according to the Blizzard website. So, sometime after July.

The first production run of Blizzard’s Tracer statue sold out pretty fast, but the developer still has Reaper statues left in stock.

All three statues are priced at $150 each, and are purchasable through the Blizzard Gear store.

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