Blizzard reportedly seeking millions for Overwatch League spots

Rumors are circulating about the cost for team spots in the upcoming Overwatch League.

Image via Blizzard

After a serious lack of communication, reports are starting to spread about how much it could potentially cost organizations to field a team in the upcoming Overwatch League.

As reported by sportbusinessdaily, Blizzard is apparently seeking millions of dollars for spots in the league, with more money being needed depending on the location or city of interest in order to form teams.

Most esports teams would be put off by this amount, meaning Blizzard will more than likely need to look into other investors, such as sports teams and high profile tech companies, instead.

The problem facing teams in the OWL is the lack of information, which is a concern for potential investors. In general, not much in-depth information about the league has been released, which makes some question what they would actually be investing in, if they chose to pay for one of these team spots.

As stated before, these are unconfirmed reports and rumors. When Blizzard reveals more information or additional details are released, this article will be updated.

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