Blizzard will now notify you if the player you reported in Overwatch was punished

It's another step forward for Overwatch's report feature.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s report system has been undergoing some changes.

In July, developer Blizzard announced that players misusing the game would see increased penalties effective immediately, as long as the reports could be verified. No changes have been implemented yet in the reporting feature, but Blizzard wants those looking for justice to know it’s taking action.

To do so, Blizzard has begun sending out emails to players who’ve reported bad behavior in Overwatch to let them know it’s doing something about it. An Overwatch player posted the letter to Reddit, where it was confirmed as real by Overwatch lead software engineer Bill Warnecke.

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“Thank you for helping us keep Overwatch fair and fun by reporting players who you suspect are cheating or exploiting the game to gain an unfair advantage,” the letter said. “We know that our players often wonder about what happens to the people they report. In this case, your recent report led to an action against that player and their account.”

The letter doesn’t go into detail about the punishment.

Warnecke did not comment on whether this email is sent out to all players who’ve reported a guilty player, or when the note was implemented.

Players on console, however, still cannot report toxic behavior in Overwatch. “We are actively working on the feature and have many elements undergoing internal testing right now,” Blizzard said in July. “Our goal is to implement similar reporting options as are currently available on PC, and any improvements made to PC between now and when it’s available.”

When it does come to consoles, it’ll be nice to know that reporting is not in vain, however. Until then, report away on PC.

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