Here are the best Overwatch streamers on Twitch

Whether you’re craving entertainment or education, these top streamers are here for you.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When you’re craving Overwatch gameplay but don’t want to load up the game or deal with ranked, streamers are here for you. Until more Overwatch 2 content drops, however, it might be a little difficult to find which streamers are still playing your favorite game. But there are still plenty of worthwhile Overwatch channels out there. 

While we absolutely advocate taking a chance on smaller streamers, sometimes you want a predictable viewing experience. Whether you’re looking to get hyped, be entertained, or learn more about perfecting the art of the D.Va bomb, Overwatch’s top streamers have you covered. 


The bird man is back. After a long break in 2021, one of Overwatch‘s original star players and streamers returned to streaming a variety of games late last year and at the beginning of 2022. That includes Overwatch, and for the release of the Overwatch 2 beta, the legions of Overwatch faithful remembered where to return.

Seagull had over 100,000 viewers during the OW2 drops bonanza, and it’s easy to see why: He’s easy-going, good at talking to his chat, freely gives his opinions and explains strategies, and he’s still great at the game.

And while the former NRG, Envy, and Dallas Fuel member diversifies his content quite a bit these days, viewers can still find him regularly streaming and talking about Overwatch.


Whenever Overwatch and “streaming” is mentioned in the same sentence, emongg’s name normally follows. The former pro, who played as a part of Selfless Gaming during Overwatch’s early days, has spent years building up his reputation as one of the overall best streamers on Twitch. This same reputation nabbed him a contract as a content creator for the San Francisco Shock. 

Emongg is undeniably a talented player, specializing in the off-tank role, but he brings more to the table than solid gameplay. Competitive Overwatch can be an incredibly toxic place, but emongg stays positive and educational even during the worst matches. In most games, he takes up the mantle of shotcaller, directing his team and positively motivating them toward a potential win. 

Many fans of Overwatch prioritize gameplay over personality. But with over 650,000 followers on Twitch, emongg is obviously doing something right. 


Matthew “super” DeLisi officially retiring from the Overwatch League was a watershed moment. One of the league’s biggest superstars was stepping away. But the league’s loss was his viewers’ gain since super is still around to bring his unique style of Overwatch play to the masses.

To put it bluntly, super’s streams are not for those seeking a calm, quiet Overwatch experience. But most fans will be drawn in by his loud charisma and wicked sense of humor. Every game super plays feels like an adventure into the wild world of competitive games, full of screaming, elation, and defeat. If you want lively entertainment while learning from one of the best players the Overwatch League ever saw, this is the stream for you.   

Super’s Twitch chat can tend toward the land of bad memes and edgy humor, but he manages to go along with the bit while turning everyone’s attention back toward his self-assessed “creative, godlike” play. 


This Florida Mayhem content creator is another option for viewers who are explicitly looking for a loud, exciting streaming experience. 

In the early days of competitive Overwatch, Jay3 played DPS for teams like Renegades and Kungarna. These days, he’s entertaining fans with his high-caliber DPS play on meta heroes and the occasional silly pick. While he doesn’t take himself too seriously, Jay3’s play is still at the top level and he climbs the ladder easily.  

Fans can learn a lot from his play, but sometimes his flubs prove to be the most entertaining. Every single “most viewed clip compilation” about Overwatch likely contains at least three clips of Jay3 screaming because he accidentally jumped off the map. It somehow manages to be part of his charm.      


Off-tank specialist Harbleu has been a part of Overwatch since the game’s earliest days. He jumped to Overwatch after a competitive Team Fortress 2 career and quickly made it onto teams like Gale Force, Complexity, and NRG. He had a short stint in Overwatch Contenders but is now focused on content creation. 

If you’re looking for high-skill tank play without as much noise as other streamers, Harbleu is the choice for you. While he has his moments of loud confusion, he has a much more soothing and educational tone that many fans find palatable. Harbleu tends to be good about explaining his actions and revealing his thought process as he climbs the ranked ladder.     


For support players looking to improve, mL7 is the gold standard of streamers to learn from. After years of hustling in the Overwatch streaming scene, his immaculate level of play hasn’t slipped a bit. He was a full-time content creator for esports organization Envy but moved to independent content creation in February 2022. 

Flex support is mL7’s speciality and he’s known worldwide for his prowess on Ana, in particular. He does flex for the good of viewers and, as most streamers do, doesn’t take his mistakes too seriously. Mostly, his stream serves as a lighthearted arena to see one of the best flex supports do what he does best.