Best Overwatch 2 heroes to play alongside Sojourn

Slide into battle alongside these ideal heroes.

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The newest hero to hit the ranks of Overwatch 2 is Sojourn, a Canadian-born cyber soldier who joins the DPS pool with a powerful Railgun, an effective slide ability, a disruptive Disruptor shot, and an Overlock Ultimate ability that makes her Railgun even more dangerous.

The only thing more dangerous than a powerful hero in Overwatch is a powerful hero combination. With that in mind, here are some of the ideal heroes to play alongside Sojourn in Overwatch 2.

Best tanks to play alongside Sojourn


The completely overhauled Orisa is now a literal warhorse, complete with a spinning, damage-soaking shield, a throwable javelin perfect for picking off damaged DPS and healers while also creating distance, and a consumable health boost for good measure. She’s arguably the best tank in the game right now and will draw a lot of attention away from Sojourn.


The Rein-aissance is in full swing in Overwatch 2. Two fire strikes and more control over his charge elevate Reinhardt as a viable tank, and he’s been thriving in the five-vs-five setting. Sojourn can right-click on shattered enemies and snare them with her Disruptor Shot to set up Reinhardt for easy Fire Strike or Charge slam dunks.

Best DPS heroes to play alongside Sojourn

Sombra or Tracer

Both Sombra and Tracer can fill the role of the annoying DPS pest that flanks enemies, disrupts them with either hacks or sticky bombs, and peppers the opposing DPS heroes with damage while sneaking in kills on cut-off healers. Sojourn’s mobility lets her cut through the enemy lines and join Sombra or Tracer for flanks as well.

Soldier” 76

The North American cyber soldier duo can absolutely dogpile damage on opposing teams. And with their added mobility and powerful right-click projectiles, they can pick and choose their opponents and whittle away damage in mere moments.

Best support heroes to play alongside Sojourn


Ana’s Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade combo is a gift to any DPS hero on her team, and Sojourn players will see their kill feed light up thanks to it. The grenade being able to take healing away from enemies is so important, and a Nano Boost on a Sojourn would turn the Canadian cyber-soldier into a killing machine.


Lúcio’s speed and survivability make him a reliable support option alongside a mobile DPS that takes fights head-on. His Crossfade options give Sojourn either a healing boost or a boost to her already high mobility, and he can Soundwave tanks or DPS heroes away from both of them.

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