Watch this Bastion cosplay come together from start to finish

It's an impressive feat of costuming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch cosplayer spent one whole month putting together a Bastion cosplay—and it came out pretty dang good.

He wasn’t able to create a costume that fully transforms into Bastion’s turret configuration, but it’s got sound and lights. The hands and fingers move, too, with Overwatch music playing from a speaker in the back.

Photo via [Reddit](

And lucky for us, Reddit user fishyuhoh documented the entire process of putting together the costume. He used craft foam, packing materials, and plexiglass, among other supplies, to piece together Bastion’s omnic parts. Once all the big pieces were constructed, fishyuhoh started putting together the working joints using PVC pipe, zip ties, and fishing line to work the finger mechanisms.

Once everything was put together, he moved on to painting and weathering. And he just made the deadline there: The painting and weathering was finished nearly a day before he was set to wear the costume at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Throughout the convention, fishyuhoh had to reinforce the costume with hot glue, but for the most part, it stayed together very well for a 40 pound build worn all day.

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