Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge is now live in Overwatch

B.O.B., look handsome.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You can now dive into the backstory of the Deadlock Gang while earning a new skin in Overwatch’s latest challenge. Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge runs from June 22 to July 5 and celebrates the release of the second young adult novel set in the Overwatch universe, Deadlock Rebels

Deadlock Rebels follows a young Ashe as she breaks away from her well-to-do family to pursue a life of crime. Along the way, she meets a teenage Jesse McCree and gets up to some serious mayhem. The novel, by author Lyndsay Ely, gives fans a peek into the formation of the wild Deadlock Gang and the deep bonds behind some of our favorite characters. 

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge gives players a chance to unlock a new Legendary skin for Ashe that reflects her chaotic teenage years. Unlike the polished look that Overwatch players might be used to for the ace shooter, this version of Ashe is a little more flashy with a leather jacket and graphic tee. 

As a Big Omnic Butler, B.O.B. doesn’t really age, but his fashion sense in this throwback skin is a bit different. He also rocks a leather jacket, complete with chaps and a huge golden belt buckle to really complete the “cool cowboy” look. 

Players can unlock this Legendary skin by earning 27 “points” as they play games of quick play, arcade mode, or competitive mode. Every game played registers as one point but wins in any game mode count for two points to make the process easier. 

At nine points, a new player icon is unlocked. A new spray is unlocked at 18 points and the Legendary Ashe and B.O.B. skin will be all yours at 27 points. 

Additionally, fans can watch Overwatch streams on Twitch to earn extra sprays. At two hours, four hours, and six hours of viewing time, more sprays will be unlocked. Be sure to link your Twitch and accounts to reap the rewards: the confused B.O.B. spray is worth the work. 

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge runs until July 5. The universe’s latest young adult novel, Deadlock Rebels, is available now.