Artist creates incredible Overwatch ‘fusion heroes’ using Mercy, Moira, and Echo

They have all-new art, abilities, personalities, and more.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One artist took it upon themselves to create new Overwatch heroes by mixing and matching the abilities, personalities, and appearances of three of the game’s existing characters, and the results are stunning.

Artist Sylvaurr created three different fusions from Moira, Mercy, and Echo. Moira and Mercy’s fusion is known as Panacea, “a very capable solo healer” who can heal effectively while also damage-boosting allies and maintaining high mobility. They can glide toward allies like Mercy and have the damaging beam of Moira, and they have the potential for both active and passive health regeneration.

Genesis is a fusion between Echo and Mercy. They are able to fly freely and can heal and damage boost at the same time with a single beam. They passively regenerate health like Mercy and deal projectile damage like Echo, but they also have the ability to decrease ability cooldowns and increase ultimate charge rates. Sylvaurr calls them “turbo-Mercy in terms of gameplay,” though they noted that Genesis cannot resurrect their teammates.

The final fusion is Resonance and combines the tactics of Moira and Echo. They can deal both precise and more broad explosive projectile healing and damage, and they also retain Moira’s healing and damage beams. Like Echo, they can duplicate enemies and fly, though their flight potential is much smaller than Echo’s. Sylvaurr compares them to Baptiste in that Resonance “does immense damage and healing while also being more mobile.” They go on to say Resonance might work well with Zenyatta or Lucio.

Alongside their initial illustrations and descriptions, Sylvaurr included several other art pieces exploring what each fusion might look like and how they might behave. They even included a video that looks at Resonance’s abilities in more depth, expanding on what they included in this post. The ability ideas are all interesting and worth consideration, and the beautiful art is the cherry on top.