Ana player unlocks full potential in game-defining Overwatch teamfight

Something hidden deep inside this Ana player came out in this play.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Regardless of the game, support characters can become some of the most pivotal in determining the outcomes of major fights. Overwatch’s cast of support heroes each have access to different abilities to help their allies, and in the right hands, can take the idea of “carrying” to the next level.

This Ana player, understanding their importance in a last-minute fight, put their supportive duties into overdrive. With both tanks down, Ana and their team became reliant on their Reaper to take down the entire enemy team contesting the payload. From far out of the enemy’s reach, Ana hit healing dart after healing dart while being completely ignored by the opposing team, ultimately bringing about a victory screen they had rightfully deserved.

To keep Reaper alive, the Ana player used their Nano Boost on them for an instant small HP restore. The Reaper proceeded to use a perfectly-timed Wraith Form, allowing them to become momentarily invulnerable to enemy fire while allowing Ana to heal them back to full health. Then, with just a few seconds of the Nano Boost remaining, Reaper proceeded to turn the game in their team’s favor.

Ana’s precision aiming continued to be pivotal in Reaper taking down the remaining enemies. When their ally Zenyatta had their ultimate, Reaper became an unstoppable force, allowing the rest of their teammates to head back to the payload and win the game. The Reaper player even found this play on the Overwatch subreddit, acknowledging to the original poster how thankful they were for their Ana plays.

While Ana certainly was enabled by the enemies’ inability to target them, this player seemingly had all their potential unlocked in this very pivotal moment, becoming a supportive machine that brought their team the utmost success.