All weekly challenges and rewards in Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland event

There's a new set of Epic skins to earn and all you have to do is play.

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Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland is underway, and as is tradition, there are a plethora of new skins for players to earn through both seasonal loot boxes as well as a few weekly challenges.

The 2021 event may have started slightly later than anticipated, but everyone will still get a full three weeks to play in the snow with an opportunity to earn a new Epic skin each week just by playing.

As is typically the case for seasonal events in Overwatch, there are three “weekly challenges” for Winter Wonderland 2021. And while each challenge is the same, the rewards you get from playing each week differ.

The three weekly challenges start and end on these dates:

  • Dec. 16 to 23
  • Dec. 23 to 30
  • Dec. 30 to Jan. 6

All you need to do to complete your weekly challenges is play games. The more you play, the more you get. Games of Quick Play, Competitive Play and Arcade modes all count toward your efforts.

Each week, players can earn a player icon from playing nine games, a spray for completing 18 games, and an Epic skin for playing 27.

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The first week will reward players with Tracer-themed items leading up to Tracer’s Wooltide skin.

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The second week will be all about earning the Mistletoe Symmetra outfit.

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The final week of Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland event will let gamers play for a Peppermint Bark Brigitte skin.

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