All new Overwatch 2021 Anniversary event skins

Funky Baptiste, if you read this, we're free on Thursday night and would like to hang out.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Whether your style is funky fresh or modern neon, there’s something for everyone in the 2021 Overwatch Anniversary event. Eight new skins will be available this year from May 18 to June 8, along with bonus cosmetics like new dances and cool player icons.

As if all that new content wasn’t enough, keep in mind that Overwatch‘s Anniversary event includes huge bonuses for cosmetic collectors. Every seasonal event skin is available throughout the event, from festive Summer Games skins to the very first crop of Halloween Terror outfits. These can be unlocked with Anniversary loot boxes or purchased with gold.

If you’re only here for the new, shiny content, never fear. Here are all of the new skins debuting in the 2021 Anniversary event.

Epic skins

These Epic skins can only be acquired by completing Anniversary event weekly challenges.  

Cybermedic Ana

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In this Epic skin, available from May 18 to 24, Ana is doing her best impression of Soldier: 76. As Overwatch‘s resident cool mom, most of Ana’s outfits are variations of her usual cape and tactical uniform setup. While she normally goes for a natural look, the Cybermedic skin gives Ana a modern electronic upgrade. Her normal eyepatch is replaced by a set of goggles that may or may not be 3D glasses and her cape has gone full LED.

Bird of Paradise Echo

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Instead of flying, Echo is going floral. This plant-based skin will be available from May 24 to 31 and gives Echo a makeover based on a tropical flower. The Bird of Paradise plant grows tall with vibrant yellow, orange, and pink petals and a regal blue-tipped stem in the middle. Looking at this outfit, it seems Echo managed to perfectly Duplicate the colorful bloom.

8 Ball Wrecking Ball 

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

We honestly can’t believe it took this long for a designer at Overwatch to pitch a skin for Wrecking Ball that just makes the hamster a different kind of ball. This genius skin, available from June 1 to 8, gives Hammond the look of a stylish pool shark. His dapper little vest may be deceiving, though. Hammond wouldn’t hesitate to roll anyone over in his mech, which looks like a combination of an eight-ball and the wood paneling in a 1970s living room.

Legendary skins 

Five new Legendary skins will be available during the Anniversary event. These skins can only be unlocked in Anniversary loot boxes or purchased for 3,000 gold.

Junkfood Junkrat

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While this is an easy opening for adventurous Overwatch community members to call Junkrat a “snack,” this Legendary skin appears to turn him into an alternate universe version of Willy Wonka. Junkrat has traded his usual ember-filled rags for a pink suit set that includes details like gumdrop backpack straps. Even his RIP-Tire has been turned into a sweet nightmare with candy corn spikes. Does this mean Junkertown is also Candyland?

Gladiator Doomfist

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Just when we thought Doomfist couldn’t get any tougher, Overwatch designers have slapped more armor on him. This vaguely Roman skin gives the fighter a plate set based on the mighty lion, including a very ominous spiked helmet. Doomfist’s face is also covered in a tight mask that gives him four eyes. All the better to hit that combo with, my dear.

Black Cat Sombra

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The cosplay parade continues as Sombra puts on her best Catwoman impression in this Legendary skin. Sombra is already used to slinking through the night and causing mischief, but this new outfit gives her the claws, ears, and tails to fit the black cat comparison. Her whip and sleek haircut are blatant but appreciated throwbacks to many cat burglars and Batman antagonists over the years.

Venus Moira

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While Echo copied one of the most beautiful flowers in the world for this event, Moira is taking notes from one of the most dangerous. The morally gray healer has adopted the look of a Venus Flytrap, a carnivorous plant known for devouring anything that lands in its grasp. Unfortunately for us, that description also fits Moira players who only know how to use damage orbs and never heal. At least the outfit is gorgeous and completely organic.

Funky Baptiste

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If the SHAFT theme song starts playing in your head as soon as you see this skin, that’s a benefit, not a problem. Baptiste finally gets a skin that’s as cool as he is with this funky fresh throwback tinged with 1970s style. Not only is the suave healer rocking an afro and wildly patterned shirt, his belt buckle literally says that he’s groovy. While fans have been clamoring for his Immortality Field to be a disco ball, the fact that his backpack is now a lava lamp is enough for us.

All of the new Legendary skins, as well as previous Anniversary event skins, will be available from May 18 to June 8.

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