What are tickets used for in F-ZERO 99?

A ticket to the nearest race please.

F-ZERO 99 KO elimination announcement pops up.
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F-ZERO 99 isn’t just a remake of the 1990 classic racing game; it’s a reimagination of the original experience with a chaotic battle royale twist. Nintendo’s latest hit is much more than just a battle royale though, with multiplayer challenges that require tickets to take part in.

As if its main mode, which pits 100 F-ZERO machine pilots against one another, fighting to be the last machine standing, isn’t exciting enough, there are additional cutthroat multiplayer challenges to get involved in—but you’ll need a few ‘tickets’ to participate.

Tickets in F-ZERO 99, explained

Besides the core battle royale mode, F-ZERO 99 brings the taste of online Mini Prix and Grand Prix modes to the table. 

Both these modes pit multiple players in a series of races (five races for the Grand Prix), which appear in a set schedule that players need to compete in and qualify. The goal is to make it to the top of the weekly leaderboard. Now, to participate in these races, you’ll need tickets

If you’ve completed the detailed tutorials and learned how to challenge your rival racers in F-ZERO 25 and F-ZERO 35, the game will award you with one free ticket. But you need three tickets to participate in a Grand Prix game, so you’ve got to earn more.

Now, to earn tickets, all you need to do is play the core F-ZERO 99 mode. You’ll earn points for achievements like scoring a move against your rival, performing a stylish mechanic, eliminating pilots, and other things, and as you earn points, you fill the progress bar and earn tickets.

You can then use those tickets to participate in Mini Prix and Grand Prix races whenever they’re live. Besides these, you can also participate in Team Battle and more grueling Pro Tracks modes, which rotate throughout the day. 

Worried that you’re not ready to compete against the best? Try the Practice Mode, where you can prepare for bigger foes by racing against your ghost.

F-ZERO 99 is now available to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for free.

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