Nintendo fan hype spikes after original Switch reveal wiped—but reason likely far more simple

Is the Switch 2 announcement approaching?

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Nintendo has removed its original Switch announcement from YouTube. Although the reason may be as simple as music licensing issues, fans hope a new Switch announcement is on the horizon, specifically for the Switch 2.

The very first Nintendo Switch launched in 2017, and since then, Nintendo has launched themed versions of the Switch, the OLED versions, and the Nintendo Lite. The Switch may have been one of the most popular consoles, but it has been six years since the original’s launch. So, many are wondering when we’ll get the Switch 2

In the past, when a new version of the Switch was about to be launched, Nintendo would remove the previous version’s announcement video from YouTube and launch the latest one soon after, which is why fans are getting hyped.

But is a Switch 2 announcement even probable?

Well, Nintendo reportedly showed Switch 2 at Gamescom this year. So removing the original Switch announcement video could indicate an imminent Switch 2 announcement, meaning the idea isn’t too far-fetched.

Upon further investigation, however, fans suspect the video was taken down, most likely due to music licensing issues of the song in the video, which was Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah) by the band White Denim. Unfortunately, many videos with the same song had to be taken down due to the band’s legal issues, which also resulted in the album being removed from Spotify and other music streaming services.

Even though the video was probably removed due to licensing issues, many players hope it will be reuploaded as it was super nostalgic. But others are still hoping it’s a sign the launch of the Switch 2 is right around the corner.

But it isn’t very likely. 


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