XTRA Cup Event Recap: The Chavs Take The Gold

Four teams competed in the XTRA Cup to determine the best of the European Overwatch teams who qualified.

After a round of offline qualifier, four teams advanced to the finals of the XTRA Cup held in Paris, France. Dignitas, The Chavs, Grand Danois and Movistar Riders competed for the title. The format was set so that the top two teams, Chavs and Grand Danois, competed in an upper bracket and only needed one win to make it to the finals. On the other side, Dignitas and Movistar Riders would have to win two matches to make it to the finals. Only the finals were a best-of-five series while the other three were best-of-three series. Chavs and the Grand Danois played their series first.

Chavs 2-0 Grand Danois 

The first map played between the two was Hollywood. Both teams were able to push the payload to the end of the map with Chavs finishing two minutes faster than Grand Danois. In the second round of action, the Chavs was able to capture the first point, while Grand Danois was not giving the first map win to Chavs. The second map played was Lijang Tower and Chavs again won the map. Chavs took control of the map taking the game 3-1 in points. The Chavs moved on to the final while Grand Danois would face the winter of Dignitas and Movistar Riders.

Dignitas 2-1 Movistar Riders

The match between Dignitas and Movistar Riders was much closer, as the series went to a full three maps. The first map was Lijang Tower, where the teams went to the final capture point where Movistar Riders narrowly won 3-2 in points. The next map as Temple of Anubis and was another very close map. Dignitas were able to take both points, while Movistar Riders were only able to take the first map giving Dignitas the map victory. The final map was Nepal and Dignitas won it 3-1 in points, advancing them to a meeting with Grand Danois.

Dignitas 2-0 Grand Danois

In the first map between Dignitas and Grand Danois, Dignitas won Lijang tower in commanding fashion by taking the first three points giving them the early advantage. Watchpoint: Gibraltar was a much the same story as Dignitas was able to push the payload past the mark set by Grand Danois quickly. This quick sweep moved Dignitas on to the finals against The Chavs.

Chavs 3-0 Dignitas

The Chavs came into the match with a one map advantage, coming from the top bracket. The first map came to Watchpoint: Gibraltar with Dignitas on offense first. Dignitas were not able to set a strong push and The Chavs were able to overcome the mark set by Dignitas and take the first map. The second map was Lijang Tower and The Chavs quickly took the map 3-1 and swept Dignitas in the finals 3-0. The Chavs made a statement as a strong unsigned roster in the European Overwatch scene.