Xayah, Rakan, and Master Yi join Kassadin by getting their own badass Cosmic skins

Master Yi paints constellations when he uses Alpha Strike.

A new set of Cosmic skins is on its way to League of Legends.

The skins were included in the most recent update to the Public Beta Environment (PBE), League’s test client for players to leave feedback on new features before they go live. They look absolutely badass.

Two will be included with the launch of League’s newest champions, Rakan and Xayah, the charmer and the rebel. The third will be given to Master Yi.

Rakan and Xayah, the new champions, already have stunning animations, but their Cosmic makeovers somehow manage to make them look even more impressive. Cosmic Dawn Rakan is radiant and distracting, set to model the perfect sunrise, while Cosmic Dusk Xayah is dark and gloomy to appear like the twilight. Where Rakan’s skin is more loud and awe-inspiring, Xayah’s is a bit more mellow with sounds that resemble twinkling stars.

Cosmic Blade Master Yi is equally awesome. Just like Xayah and Rakan’s skins, Cosmic Blade Yi features new sound effects, a recall animation, and new visuals for his spells. The coolest one, however, is definitely his new Alpha Strike animation. When he casts it, he draws a constellation, placing a star at each enemy he strikes before reappearing.

These Cosmic skins are the first of their kind since Cosmic Reaver Kassadin launched in late 2015. Kassadin’s was also very cool, and we’re hoping that these new additions mean that the Cosmic skin line will be a regular and repeating series in the future.

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