Worlds 2016: Cloud9 Triumphs over I May

Worlds Recap: Cloud9 vs I May, day four.

Worlds Recap: Cloud9 vs I May, day four.

Picks and Bans

Cloud9 bans: Varus, Elise, Nidalee

I May bans: Gnar, Kennen, Zac

Cloud9 picks; I May picks

Top: Rumble; Ekko

Jungle: Olaf; Rek’Sai

Mid: Syndra; Vladimir

ADC: Ezreal; Jhin

Support: Alistar; Tahm Kench

Early Game: Cloud9 came out of the gates firing on all cylinders. At level three, C9 decided to send three players up top for a dive on Ekko, as William “Meteos” Hartman secured first blood.

From that point on, this match became “the Impact show,” as C9’s top laner Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong was able to find a few early kills. Ekko and Rek’Sai both tried to dive Impact in the top lane, but a Rumble ultimate proved to be too much for I May as Impact won the 2v1.

Mid Game: Around the 30-minute mark, C9 tried to siege I May’s tier two middle turret. C9 won the trade two-to-one, and by minute 33, C9 was up in kills 11-5, and held roughly a 5k gold lead. C9 was also leading I May in objectives, with a 5-2 lead in turrets and a 3-1 advantage in dragons secured.

Late Game: Cloud9 was able to secure Baron at 35 minutes, which they translated into a win. On the back of Impact, Cloud9 is now 2-1 and I May sits at 1-2 after the first week of groups.

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