When does Call of Duty: Mobile season 7 start?

The update was delayed to support the protests in the U.S.

Image via Activision

The upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile season was initially scheduled to be released on June 6. But last week, the start of season seven was delayed to let “those speaking up for equality, justice and change be seen and heard,” referring to the protests over systemic racism and police brutality sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“We stand alongside you,” Activision’s announcement of the delay for updates to CoD: Mobile, Warzone, and Modern Warfare reads.

Now, it’s unclear when season seven will officially begin. Looking at the game’s countdowns for challenges and new game modes, the update could be introduced in three days, on June 11. The challenges will end in two days and the game might undergo maintenance for some time to introduce the new season.

In addition, the schedule of previous CoD: Mobile updates shows that they’re usually launched on Thursdays, which matches this unconfirmed theory for season seven.

On the other hand, the end date of the Wild West battle pass is set to end in four days. That could hint at a launch scheduled for next Friday, June 12.

Season seven will add more maps, game modes, cosmetics, and changes to the game. The battle royale map will receive an expansion with new locations to explore and Tunisia will join the multiplayer map pool.

The season seven battle pass will be called Radioactive Agent and will add Mad Max-style skins with gas masks, as well as green weapon skins. All patch notes for the update have yet to be revealed, however.

This article will be updated when a start date for CoD: Mobile season seven is confirmed.