What we know about the Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass

Apex Legends fans are in for a treat.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The first season of Apex Legends is drawing to a close. Admittedly, it wasn’t the most exciting season and the Battle Pass was lacking. But now, season two is almost here.

The next Battle Pass already looks like a huge improvement over the first iteration. Here’s everything we know.

More legendary weapon skins

In the first Apex Battle Pass, there was only one legendary skin available. This was a disappointment to many players, so with the release of season two, there will be plenty more. We don’t know what the skins will look like, but we suspect they’ll be an improvement over the initial selection.

The weapon skins will be obtained through stages. The first comes at level one when purchasing the Battle Pass. The second is unlocked at level 25, followed by the third at level 50, the fourth at level 75, and the fifth and final skin at level 100. Additionally, for players who reach level 110, a special recolored version of the evolving weapon skin (level 100) will be awarded.

New cosmetic items

The season one Battle Pass was notorious for being filled with underwhelming rewards like badges and stat trackers. This time, they’re getting removed from the Premium Battle Pass altogether. There will still be a seasonal badge, but it’ll be a single badge that evolves. Additionally, the free Battle Pass will only have earnable win trackers in the first 10 levels.

In place of the badges and stat trackers, there will be three new content categories for the season two Battle Pass. The specific details of the rewards haven’t been revealed yet, however.

Daily/weekly challenges

Like Fortnite: Battle Royale, season two will have a selection of daily and weekly challenges to level up the Battle Pass. If you start the season late or you miss a week or two, you’ll be able to complete them at any time. Even if you initially neglect the challenges, you can finish them all at once.

Faster leveling process

The new challenges will help speed up the Battle Pass progress. There should be more of a rapid progression with the help of additional XP. This means that players who can only spend a few hours a week on the game can still level up their Battle Pass in time for the next season.

Earn crafting metals for a legendary item

You can now earn enough Crafting Metals (1,200) to create a legendary item of your choosing. If there’s a specific skin you’re after, you’ll be able to buy it in season two. This will replace Voice Lines, however, and they will no longer be available in the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass price

Similar to season one, the season two Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex coins. If you fully leveled your first Battle Pass, you should still have enough coins to buy the regular version of the Battle Pass. If not, you can purchase the coins for approximately $10 from the in-game store.

New legend

Wattson is Apex’s newest legend and she’ll be available to play at the start of season two along with the release of the Battle Pass. She’s a defensive character who uses electricity to outmaneuver her enemies and trick them into walking into her booby traps. Instead of playing the offensive, Wattson sits back and waits patiently for her prey.

Release date

Season two keeps off on July 2. The specific time has yet to be revealed, however.

This article will be updated when additional information about season two becomes available.