Vitality Finds Signs of Life and Giants Tower over ROCCAT: EU LCS Week 2, Day 4 Recap

The final day of the EU LCS first super-week has ended and two teams pick up their first series wins.

After a long weekend of European League Championship Series, four teams came seeking their first series win for the Spring Split. Vitality took on Origen for Group B and Giants fought against Team ROCCAT in Group A. Here is what happened in those two series.

(1-2) Vitality 2-0 Origen (0-3)

Game One: Vitality made multiple global map plays to take a lead in the game with the top half of the map being dominated for the team. Despite a small comeback by Origen, Vitality held on strong and broke into Origen’s base at around 25 minutes. Vitality used their advantage to snowball their gold lead and eventually win a team fight that secured them the win.

Game Two: Vitality jungler Charly “Djoko” Guillard took complete control of the early game grabbing kills for Vitality around the map. A horrendous fight in the bot lane for Vitality allowed Origen to make their way back into the game and clos the gold difference. One factor that was keeping Origen in the game was the amount of kills they got on Ha “Hachani” Seung-chan who was caught out multiple times. Origen tried to rush down the Baron, but Vitality knew what they were doing and collapsed on the team taking four kills and losing none. Despite Vitality holding the lead for majority of the game, Origen hung in the game and stalled. The game came to a climax when Origen attempted to take the Baron, but lost the resulting team fight and Vitality closed out the game with a win.

Player of the Series: My player of the series is Djoko. The Vitality jungler got the early lead for his team by getting kills around the map and starting the snowball for his lanes. Djoko has proven himself as the starting option for Vitality while Lee “GBM” Chang-seok waits in the wings.

(1-2) Giants 2-1 ROCCAT (0-3)

Game One: ROCCAT attempted to make a play in the bot lane using their global ultimates, but Giants were able to turn it around and grab an ace for the team, jumping out to a large lead early on. After a tremendously long pause Giants come back into the game and roll over ROCCAT to take the first game in the series.

Game Two: ROCCAT bullied the top side of the map in the second series and took an early lead through their top laner Ambrož “Phaxi” Hren. 30 minutes in, both teams went for a risky Baron and as ROCCAT were doing it, Jonas “Memento” Elmarghichi stole the Baron away. ROCCAT had too much damage and took down the Giants frontline with ease and finished the game with ease.

Game Three: Giants got out to an early lead, but could not take overwhelming control of the game. ROCCAT continually fought to stay in the game and eventually they were able to take a slight lead over Giants. An explosive teamfight 35 minutes in went the way of Giants and they were able to grab a healthy lead in the match. Giants used that lead and took the game giving them their first series win for the Spring Split.

Player of the Series: My player of the series is Memento. Memento played fantastically for Giants and helped to give them a first series win. Between his Baron steal and important kills, Memento was the star player for Giants in their series.

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