V Rising has sold more than 1.5 million copies

Developer Stunlock released an update on the game's immediate future in the wake of its success.

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising developer Stunlock announced in a blog post yesterday that over 1 million players have purchased the vampire survival game since its early access release two weeks ago. It was a stunning mark to hit in such a short amount of time for the small studio, which was best-known for the Battlerite games prior to V Rising.

Stunlock had to update that number shortly after, however, and now reports that more than 1.5 players have purchased V Rising.

The base game currently costs $19.99 on Steam, with additional DLC available for purchase, which most likely adds up to some incredibly successful sales figures for the Stunlock team.

Of course, with these numbers come future plans, and Stunlock promised that big things are in store for V Rising players in the game’s full release. “The massive support V Rising received will not only give us the opportunity to finalize our plans for the game, but it will also give us enough time to include some of your darkest dreams of what the experience can look like at the full release,” the developers said.

Some of these future plans for the game include more loot, combat options, explorable areas, and more. While the team says it’s most immediately focused on fixing bugs in the early access state, it’s clear that the initial success of V Rising is pushing Stunlock to make the game bigger and better.

That will be good news for the millions of players who have downloaded the game, which includes the 150,000 concurrent players in the game at one point. Stunlock did warn players that there might be fewer updates from them in the immediate future as the studio starts to crack down on fixes and new content it wants to bring into the game. It doesn’t seem like most will mind, however, between the sheer amount of players and the overwhelmingly positive reviews the game has garnered. At time of writing, it maintains a Very Positive rating on Steam at nearly 22,000 reviews.

With so many players and so many sales, the future of V Rising’s world of vampiric darkness seems incredibly bright.