“Oops!” Riot accidentally leaked a sneak peek of Urgot’s new model

Urgot’s updated character model was added to the PBE and then promptly removed.

League of Legends’ most powerful champion, Urgot, is getting a large-scale rework in the coming months, and Riot accidentally uploaded his new champion model to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) a couple of weeks ago before promptly taking it down.

The PBE is League’s player-test environment that Riot uses to collect feedback on new features from players before they go live, so it would make sense that Urgot’s new look would be uploaded to it. Just one tiny little detail… it wasn’t finished yet.

That uncolored monstrosity is the new Urgot. Despite its unfinished state, it actually looks pretty cool. The machine that he’s fused with looks much larger and more menacing compared to his live model, not to mention the updated textures. It puts the old Urgot to shame, which isn’t too hard to do seeing as though he was launched nearly seven years ago (feel old yet?).

What we saw was enough to make us excited, even if it was only on the PBE for a brief time. A few days ago, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, League’s lead gameplay designer, commented on what was behind Urgot’s accidental leak. He explained that it was merely an “oops” moment on Riot’s end, and that it likely happened when someone was moving new files for Galio into the PBE and simply grabbed files from another champion project by mistake.

Mistake or not, this frightening new Urgot looks like a big step up from the current one. Hopefully Riot gives us a further look into his new build sooner rather than later. All we know now, however, is that Urgot’s update is coming up after Galio’s, which hasn’t even made it into the live client yet. So any official Urgot news may be far off yet.