Unicorns of Love takes back the top spot: EU LCS Recap Week 7, Day 2

The second day of week seven showcased G2 Esports vs. Splyce and Fnatic vs. UoL.

The second day of week seven showcased the matchups of G2 Esports vs. Splyce and Fnatic vs. Unicorns of Love. G2 looked to continue its undefeated domestic streak, while a win for Splyce could tie them up at the top of their group. The second match was Unicorns of Love looking to grab back the top spot of its group with a win over Fnatic.

G2 Esports (9-0) 2-1 Splyce (5-4)

Splyce started off the series strong with a dominant laning phase from Martin “Wunder” Hansen’s Renekton. With the entire Splyce roster getting a large advantage from the early game, the G2 squad was unable to find their opportunities for a comeback. After a very aggressive push into G2’s base, Splyce aced the enemy team, picking up a dominant 32 minute win, with G2 only grabbing two kills.

In game two, G2 switched things up a bit and grabbed some safer lane picks in Ahri, Ezreal and Lulu. Some misplays from Splyce allowed G2 to jump out to a five kill lead by the six-minute mark. Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen displayed some masterful teamfighting on Ezreal throughout the mid game, slowly allowing G2 to grow their lead. With Zven’s Ezreal looking untouchable, it only took a few fights for G2 to break open Splyce’s base and tie up the series.

Splyce’s composition for game three was all about their siege, with an AD Kennen top, Jayce mid and Ziggs bot. With G2 having a much stronger team for teamfights, it was up to Splyce to get some damage done to towers in the early game and put them in a position to end the game. This did not happen, as G2 was able to hold Splyce off as long as they needed for them to scale up. With a decent lead, G2 was able to just group up and push into Splyce’s base with them having no real way to start a proper fight to defend. Some last minute defense efforts began, but Splyce’s time ran out as G2 closed out the series, keeping their win streak alive.

Unicorns of Love (7-2) 2-1 Fnatic (4-5)

UoL started off pretty strong, getting themselves a nice early game lead. At 25 minutes, UoL was able to secure the Baron, but ended up later trading a kill in return. Despite being able to take down two inhibitors and have a Baron buff, UoL was unable to push through and end the game. Fnatic did an excellent job of just holding off their enemies as they began to catch up a bit in gold. A few key mistakes continued to happen on the side of UoL, preventing them from finishing out the game despite such a large advantage. Eventually, Fnatic was able to find themselves a proper fight with all of their inhibitors up. In the do-or-die moment, Fnatic took a very convincing fight and properly utilized their numbers advantage to take the lead in a comeback game one win.

In game two, Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir on Rengar completely took over the early game. Unicorns of Love was up six kills, before Fnatic managed to pull off an incredibly intelligent Baron sneak. Unfortunately, UoL noticed just in time, and was able to hunt down all five members of Fnatic, giving them an even larger lead. UoL made sure to put some priority on the next Baron, and with that, they were able to take down Fnatic in game two.

The final game of the series had Rasmus “Caps” Winther pulling out a dominant laning phase on Vladimir. With an early solo kill, a lot of the attention revolved around the mid lane. The game remained pretty even, with both teams being able to find teamfight wins, but Fnatic was able to secure all three infernal drakes. UoL attempted to use Ivern’s bushes to quickly take down a Baron, but with all five members of Fnatic alive, they were able to take down two members of UoL. Fnatic then turned their attention to Baron, but Xerxe was able to swoop in and steal it away. UoL was able to run straight from Baron to take down the top lane inhibitor of Fnatic, and then split up their team to take down the two remaining inhibitors. With an Elder Drake buffing up the team, UoL was able to just sit in Fnatic’s base for a couple of minutes and slowly close out the series.