Tyler1 pulls a Tyler1 by AFKing in base after going 0-2 in lane

This is another moment in Tyler1's illustrious history of acting like Tyler1.

Image via ZOMBGiEF and Riot Games

Popular reformed League of Legends streamer Tyler1 had a little slip-up on stream yesterday.

Tyler1 was playing solo queue—because what else does Tyler1 do—and he had a less-than-stellar game. At 12 minutes, his team was down four kills to 16. He was 0-2, his farm wasn’t incredible, and it seemed like his team wasn’t in the best mood, either.

And that’s when Tyler1 briefly reverted back to his unreformed self.

Old Tyler here did what many angry League players have done in the past—he gave up before he was able to vote for his team to surrender the game. He pulled off the classic maneuver passed down through generations of rage-quitters before him. Tyler1 sold his entire inventory and spent the rest of his time buying useless items—in this case, red wards for his team’s Nexus.

It’s important to document these many, many moments in Tyler1’s journey. Why? Well, because 200 years from now when society is rebuilding itself after a total nuclear apocalypse, there should be a trail of evidence explaining how Tyler1 convinced all the world’s greatest nations to obliterate one another.

There have been so many unfortunate moments similar to this one throughout Tyler1’s streaming career that it’s hard to pick any out specifically. To help future historians, we’ll name this one the “The Red Ward Incident.” That has a nice ring to it.

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