Tyler1 lands perfect Sion ultimate to secure quadra-kill and victory

The setup was flawless.

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games

Sometimes in League of Legends, everything falls into place, as was the case for Tyler1 during a recent stream.

During a scrim game against Trick2G and his team, Tyler1 was able to land the perfect ultimate while playing Sion.

As the two teams engaged in the top-side jungle, Tyler made the decision to teleport in. While the battle had shifted closer to the middle lane this aligned the stars for Sion to land a playmaking ultimate.

This move landed on three of the five enemies, decimating the backline and allowing Tyler to secure a quadra-kill for himself. Then, his team eliminated the remaining champion, carving a clear path to victory.

Although Tyler’s team was already leading the game, this play was the nail in the coffin that allowed them to tear through the enemy base and take down the Nexus.

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