Everything we know about TimTheTatman

Learn more about Tim, including his age, subscriber total, and stream schedule.

Screengrab via CyberPowerPC

TimTheTatman has come a long way from streaming in his free time to driving a tractor on a Super Bowl commercial. His positive and boisterous attitude has endeared himself to all fans and it definitely shows since thousands of people keep tuning in to his stream every day.

Starting with Call of Duty: Black Ops II in 2012, TimTheTatman, 30, has grown a lot. When he began streaming, he was working a full-time job. But with more viewers tuning in over time, Tim was able to completely focus on his hobby full-time in 2014.

Since then, his popularity has continued to grow. Even though it seems like his sub count has stabilized between 18,000 and 24,000, with new and hyped game releases, there are months where he gets unusual amounts of subscribers to boost his total to over 30,000.

What games does he play?

While he primarily plays Fortnite: Battle Royale now, Tim’s stream grew immensely when he started playing a variety of games including CS:GO, Overwatch, and Call of Duty. He also regularly played with former Cloud9 CS:GO player Hiko before turning to Overwatch. His duo streams with DrDisrespect are quite famous and a great watch.

He’s also secretly hooked on opening Pokémon card packs and recently opened over 125 packs on stream to pull out one of the rarest cards from the expansion.

When does he stream?

Tim streams six days a week, with Sunday being his only off day. From Monday to Thursday, he streams for about three hours in the morning starting at 9am CT and then another stream at night, which begins around 7pm CT.

On Friday and Saturday, he does a slightly longer morning stream, which begins at 7 or 8am CT. And as is the case with most streamers, Tim’s schedule may change if he chooses to switch up times.

How much money does TimTheTatman make?

Unsurprisingly, Tim is rather successful. His subscription split is unknown, but most other large streamers earn at least $3 for each $4.99 Twitch subscription. Tim almost certainly earns that—and likely even more.

In addition to his subscription revenue, Tim receives donations constantly during the stream. The total of his donations per month isn’t public knowledge, but it certainly adds at least a few thousand to his monthly income. The same can be said for his YouTube channel, where he has nearly one million subscribers.

To make a conservative estimate, we’ve created a table below that shows how many Twitch subscribers Tim had in each complete month of 2019 and how much he would make at a minimum if he earned $3 from each subscription.

MonthTwitch SubscribersEstimated Earnings
January 201937,742Over $113,226
February 201950,475Over $151,425
March 201938,843Over $116,529
April 201932,161Over $96,483
May 201933,506Over $100,518
June 201925,924Over $77,772
July 201924,556Over $73,668
August 201927,133Over $81,399
September 201919,571Over $58,713
October 201925,652Over $76,956
November 201917,327Over $51,981
December 201926,101Over $78,303
Over $1,076,973

On top of earning over $1 million just from his subs, TimTheTatman has sponsorship deals, ad revenues, and countless donations under his belt, which reportedly boost his yearly income to $2.7 million.

If you’d like to connect with Tim on social media, you can follow his Twitter and Instagram accounts and subscribe to his YouTube channel.