The Unicorns Stampede: EU LCS Day 2, Week 1 Recap

The next two matches of the EU LCS have been played and here is all that went down today.

After the exciting first day of the European League Championship Series, four more teams played their first games of the season. Misfits played in their first LCS series against a revamped Giants roster, and in the second game, the Unicorns of Love played Vitality in an important match between two teams that will be fighting for the final palyoff spot.

(1-0) Misfits 2-1 Giants Gaming (0-1)

In the first game, Misfits made the moves that allowed them to take an early lead in the match. The play by Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon and the team’s macro play was unmatched by Giants. Misfits seemed to get lost in the mid-game and Giants took advantage of that to pull themselves back into the game. Misfits continued to throw and Giants took the lead after a few won fights and a Baron. Giants continued to win the late game fights and ended up closing out the game.

In the second game, Misfits gained the same lead early, with each lane earning advantages. This time around, Misfits played more towards their strengths and they were able to continue snowballing. Misfits easily won game two in under 30 minutes.

Giants got a strong start to the third game, as a deep dive gifted three kills over to Giants. Misfits worked their way back into the game, and took the lead with first turret gold. Just like in game two, Misfits played to their strengths and were able to close out the game and secure their first win in the LCS.

My MVP of the series was Lee “IgNar” Dong-guen. The support for Misfits made multiple roaming plays that helped to secure important kills. He made big plays on the three different champs he played and led Misfits to their first win at the top level.

Unicorns of Love (1-0) 2-0 Vitality (0-1)

The Unicorns picked a composition with little damage until the late game and were hoping their two main carries could output the damage required. UoL took the early lead in the game, utilizing their Ivern to push down turrets and protect their carries. UoL were able to execute their comp perfectly and take the game in under 30 minutes in commanding fashion.

The Unicorns pulled out yet another surprising composition with unique picks for some players. Vitality pulled slightly ahead in the early game, but the game was even for the most part. The game became exciting as the teams fought all across the map and there were interesting duels between players. It was the Unicorns of Love who’s comp proved the better, as the Camille pick really won them the game.

My MVP for the series was Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss. Vizicsacsi carried hard from the top lane in the second game on a strong champion. He was also incredible in the first game on Poppy and played his role very well. This is a good start to the split for Kiss and he may become the main carry for this UoL team.

Who do you think was the MVP for the two series today? Share your thoughts below or tweet us @GAMURScom.