The Gosu Crew says Priest is still under contract

Priest won’t be joining Enigma6 any time soon.

Despite all of the recent rumors, a major roster change won’t take place before the start of the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League on April 21.

Preston “Priest” Greiner, a player for The Gosu Crew, has reportedly been practicing with Enigma6, a team in the CWL Global Pro League, in place of Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz.

Since rosters were locked for the first season of the CWL Global Pro League following the conclusion of CWL Dallas last month, several members of the Call of Duty community questioned how this roster change would be permitted, including current TGC player Chance “Maux” Moncivaez.

Maux made a post about this situation on the Call of Duty competitive subreddit, which prompted Eric “Rakura” Tipton, the co-founder of The Gosu Crew, to comment on the reported roster change.

“Just so everyone is clear, [Priest] is still under contract with TGC,” Rakura said. “So they can say whatever they want. Doing, however, is very different.”

It seems like The Gosu Crew has no intention of getting rid of Priest at this time, which means he will remain on the TGC roster that just barely missed out on qualifying for the CWL Global Pro League.

Late Friday night, Enigma6’s captain Jordon “General” Holloway posted a TwitLonger, which said that E6 won’t be making a roster change at this time. Regardless, the CWL Handbook indicates that a roster change most likely wouldn’t have been approved anyway, according to rule 6.2.1 in the roster rules section.

“Rosters submitted for CWL Dallas will be used for Stage 1 Regular Season,” the CWL Handbook reads. “Teams are not permitted to make Roster changes until after Stage 1 Playoffs has been completed.”

Since Ruiz was on the E6 roster for CWL Dallas, he will also be on the team’s lineup for season one, according to the CWL Handbook and General.

Now that the rumors have been put to bed, Enigma6’s current lineup can focus on playing in the CWL Global Pro League on May 12 to 14, while Priest and The Gosu Crew can prepare for CWL Anaheim on June 16.

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