The teams for the EU Challenger Promotion series are locked in

Who will Origen and Giants Gaming be facing to protect their LCS spot?

With the EU LCS Spring Split for League of Legends coming to a close, four teams face each other in the promotion tournament. The grand prize? A place in next year’s EU LCS Summer Split.

Giants and Origen faltered in their respected groups and face losing their spaces in the EU LCS to Misfits Academy or Fnatic Academy respectively—unless they can turn things around in the promotion tournament.

With Giants ranked highest out of the two EU LCS teams, they got to choose which team they’d prefer to face in the first round of the competition. They chose Fnatic Academy.

FNA have gone through a few roster changes this season in an attempt to strengthen the first team, Fnatic, in the EU LCS. The main change came in the jungle where Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pederson was replaced by Maurice “Amazingx” Stuckenschneider on the FNA team. Giants will face them on April 6, 11am ET.

This leaves Origen with the daunting prospect of trying to beat Misfits Academy on April 7, at 11am ET. Misfits Academy beat the undefeated Challenger Series team Schalke 04. They were the overwhelming underdogs going into the match and the win can only improve the team’s confidence going into their next series.

Origen will face a momentous task after failing to register a single series win in the entire Spring Split and may have to prepare themselves to be a Challenger Series team next split.

Regardless of what happens, both Fnatic Academy and Misfits Academy will not exist come next year due to new LCS rules that prohibit teams from owning two teams in both the EU LCS and EU Challenger Series. So whether Misfits Academy and Fnatic Academy win or lose in the promotion tournament, they’ll need to sell their spot to a new owner.