The 3 Likely Outcomes of Worlds 2015

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Photo via Riot Games | Remix by Jacob Wolf
  1. The Return of the Rat – LGD

LGD Gaming are one of the 3 favorited teams heading into the World Championship 2015, with their recent dominance over the rest of the LPL teams in play offs they look like a real top team. The star player for the team is Returning World Champion and LGD’s ADC Imp. Imp is one of the only two players I consider to be a Z class Player meaning they are the best of the best. Imp is clearly the number 1 ADC in the world. While the team has other star players who have yet to prove themselves on the world stage, IE GodV, and Acorn. All though Acorn has been to worlds Acorn has been to worlds at least one time before, last year with Samsung Blue, the team’s performance was lackluster despite making it to the semifinals. The Team Dropped games in the group stage and almost went to game 5 against cloud9. This Being GodV’s First World Championship Run and two Veteran Players in Imp and Acorn and the Leadership of support player PYL the Returning Champion in Imp has a chance to bring back the rat and win two worlds in a row.


  1. The King Reclaims His Throne – SKT

The only other Z tier player in my opinion Faker, Who is miles ahead of opponent mid laners, there have been some in history that have been able to keep up with him the two the come to mind being Pawn in Season 4 and Nagne in Season 3, All though this time of SKT being in the World Championships their line-up is a lot weaker in other parts of the map, In season 3 all of the SKT players where at the top of their game and top 3 in their role, this time around they have the best roaster in Korea, as in working as a team but as Individuals only faker stands out above the other. With most of the S tier Koreans going to China after season 4, Leaving SKT to be Head and Shoulders above most teams in Korea. Their path was easier than most but can they pull behind their all-star mid laner to win the whole tourney?!


  1. MSI Victories cant melt World Championship Dreams –

The Last team has been struggling as of late but returning to form to from their MSI Final Victory is LPL’s Edward Gaming Only losing one game to IG in the Reginal Qualifier’s and have two very high S-Tier players in Deft and Pawn, and other great players in All 3 roles, Next to LGD they are the 2nd most stacked roster in the world right now. Deft being known for his Team fighting While Pawn known as being the counter to Faker and a play maker. Koro1 Being a huge play maker and the Ability to carry on the new patch may do well for the Chinese/Korean Team. Clearlove has been Deemed a top 5 jungler by most and it’s hard to disagree. And Meiko at support fills out the line up in a pretty stacked spot. The biggest concerns are will the illness that plagues this team reappear will Deft be in perfect health? Will Pawn Have problems with his back? Will Koro be Healthy or will EDG start AmazingJ? All question we must just wait and see!


Photo Creds: @lolesports